Another City

An arts and design-thinking education anchored in the real world context and engagement in Singapore

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Integrating Pedagogies 

Marrying the two: Art & Design-Thinking education models with Real world engagement 

Inspired by educational models by the K-12 lab at Stanford University and IDEO’s (global design firm) Design for Learning, our programme uses these models as a framework to critically look at the city in its past, present and future states in the context of Singapore

IN-situ Learning

Learning from the City

In all phases of the program, participants will develop and immerse in intimate ties with the local built and natural environment, from void decks to playgrounds to nature reserves, as canvases of their creative investigation and re-imagination of the city.




What Makes Our City?

Our city - The Physical Space

The city becomes the classroom, and a wealth of resource for learning and inspiration. Participants will look at spaces of various scales - from familiar to unfamiliar spaces, from playgrounds to the transportation system. They will be brought on excursions to experience the diverse local urban and natural landscapes, such as Jalan Kukoh Estate, Sungei Thieves’ Market, Kampung Kampus, Dakota Crescent, Rochor Centre flats, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, etc.


the city as a canvas

Participants will immerse and engage their senses in creating new and playful ways of looking and relating to the city, using art as a process of discovery, and as tools to document, reflect, imagine and articulate. While we will make use of standard tools used in design, such as photography, drawing, sculpting, we are also very much interested in how art forms like dance, theatre and music can facilitate imagination and thought.



Who and how are we today? 

Our City - The Social Space

Participants will further engage in a reflective and human-centred design-thinking process - developing a social and ecological consciousness, by stepping into the shoes of local communities and growing a sensitivity to the diversity of needs, desires and dreams amongst different people.



our people

Empathy is at the heart of our programme. We aim to break down preconceptions and stereotypes relating to specific groups of people, in order to encourage an inclusive and open-minded attitude. We hope their final ideas will consider the need for integration and inclusion. 



What drives us?

By critically looking at the physical and social aspects of the city, participants will be guided in proposing ideals for their future city that is important and unique to themselves. We are particularly interested in the new 5Cs -  Creativity, Compassion, Collaboration, Confidence and Contribution. 


Brainstorming through the arts

the better city

Participants will brainstorm their personal ideals but also expand upon one another's ideals. This will be explored through collaborative activities in the arts - especially in dance and theatre.



What will the future be?

Equipped with these ideals and their newfound creative tools, they will work in groups to construct their own vision of Singapore. While we encourage broad experiment with multiple ideals and artistic mediums (some creative mess!), we hope that the process of prototyping and iterating will filter and distil the fundamental values of their future city. 



our future

In this section of the programme, participants will work together in small groups to synthesise the skills, knowledge, values and ideals gathered from the previous days, to propose a possibility of a future city. We are open to various forms and possibilities that a city can embody - whether it is a proposal of its physicality or a particular abstract quality of the interactions in the city. Participants will experiment with art, design and digital fabrication tools in creating and playing out their own visions of the future city.



How can we get there together?


one family

Participants will co-organize and curate their own public forum, where they will engage the public in a collaborative open discussion in re-imagining the future city together while receiving critical feedback and support. 


Educator's ToolKit

collaborating with local educators

We hope to co-create resources with local educators which vividly documents our process of integrating art and design-thinking pedagogies with real world engagement.